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92% of Corporate Knowledge is Lost in 3 Months

Mission Statement

Acadmi’s mission is to make learning, training and skills development highly engaging, social, interactive and memorable - harnessing the power of data to deliver tangible value back to the employee and their employer.

The Problem

Boring & Flat. Uninspiring & irrelevant. These are just some of the many pejorative descriptions of Corporate Training that employees have made. A disconnected & disengaged employee means that any learning or skills development will not stick in the long term.

Employers, equally find training very challenging. They want and need to up-skill their staff and keep their loyalty but they, firstly do not want that training to get in the way of day-to-day work and secondly, they can not measure the efficacy of that training, in terms of productivity, over and beyond simple feedback forms and surveys. Acadmi is just at the start of their exciting journey but aim to solve these issues for both the employee and employer.

Rather than passive learning platforms, packed full of features but of minimal value, Acadmi will aim to be a pro-active and intelligent site that is constantly and easily accessible to the learner. Recommendations, based around interests and more importantly, weaknesses in an employee’s training arsenal will be delivered on a weekly basis.

Rather than having to block book time for training, an employee can access micro-moments of learning on-the-go and on-demand. Regular and repeated moments of training but on a more constant basis whereby up-skilling and training becomes part of your daily / weekly routine. Acadmi, in this sense is a little bit like the ‘fitbit of corporate learning and skills development’!

How Did We Get Here?

Arjun had previously set up a Global Online Film Academy, taking the very best talent in the industry and distributing their knowledge and 'hands-on’ guidance to audiences around the world.

He learnt a substantial amount about how people interact online - especially within an 'educationally-social’ context and by speaking to companies across different sectors, Arjun quickly realised the same problems exist when it comes to training - whether you are a bank or a global media company.

Therefore, in 2016, he set up Acadmi to do what he started in Creative Education to the Training & Skills Development Sector. Building the platform with a fantastic UK team, he launched Acadmi’s App at the start of 2017 and is now busy building content and partnerships to expand Acadmi’s offering.

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