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Optimise the delivery of learning to your employees with truly bitesized, interactive mobile content

The Acadmi Way: Features and Functionality

Optimise the delivery of learning to your employees with truly bitesized, interactive mobile content


User Role & Department

Users upload their role & department allowing for cohort analysis and content allocation.
Add user

Add Users

Flexible monthly packages to scale the no. of users on your app up or down at any time.

Limitless Use

Users have limitless usage of the app, across multiple devices to access course content.

Secure Log-in

Encrypted, character-number combination passwords / data protected & backed up.

Course library_New

Acadmi’s Course Library

Give your employees the option to access & add courses to their app from Acadmi’s Library.
building tool

Course Building Tools

Add & Edit Video, Audio, YouTube Embeds & PDFs to bring course content to life.
Group Assignments

Quizzes and Assignments

Test your employees with Interactive Exercises & Discussion-Based Assignments.
Course Signposting1

Course Signposting

Clearly displayed details, such as course duration, curriculum, category and training provider.

Mandatory Deadline

Mandatory Deadlines

Set deadlines for your users and let the app alert them when due dates are approaching.
Course Progress Bar1

Course Progress Bar

Users self-complete their lessons as the app tracks their progress through a course.
Course History1

Course History

Completed courses are managed and automatically added to a User’s Course History.
course allocation

Course Allocation

Allocate courses to departments, groups of employees and even, to specific individuals.

Points Allocation

Points Allocation

Users can earn points by completing lessons and by participating in group discussions.
User Dashboard1

User Dashboard

Track User Progress (points, courses completed, time spent in-app & exercise scores).
User Leaderboard

User Leaderboard

Compete against colleagues to build engagement & potential offline incentives.


Course Alerts & Reminders / Incentivising Messaging to gain points & complete courses.

Skills Heat Map

Skills Heat Map

Get a real-time view of the skills and subjects your employees are interested in and require.
Course completion rate2

Course Completion Rate

Track the courses that have been started but not completed and by whom
In-App Time Spent

In-App Time Spent

Track the time each employee has spent in-app, broken down by specific subjects.
Exercise Scores

Exercise Scores

Track the average exercise score of each employee, broken down by specific subjects.

Course Popularity

Course Popularity

Understand which of your courses and lessons have been the most popular by rating, feedback and engagement.
Export Reporting Data

Export Reporting Data

Export reports off the platform in a downloadable CSV form and receive a quarterly report.
Course Rating & Feedback1

Course Rating & Feedback

Users encouraged to provide in-app ratings and feedback on completed courses.
Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Receive a summary of the most popular courses across the platform’s ecosystem.

Security Standards

At Acadmi, we take our security incredibly seriously. As a SaaS-based App, clients can be assured that we have taken a comprehensive and rigorous approach to the security as well as the data generated on the platform. These measures significantly mitigate any potential risks but we are continually striving to improve this process and will never be complacent when it comes to security.

Our Security Document is attached - feel free to download and if you have any questions, please send them through to [email protected].

With best and secure wishes,

The Acadmi Tech & Compliance Team


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